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MMM core ideology

The contemporary world, ruled by money, is evil, unfair and unjust. Sadly, we have chosen to turn a blind eye to the unfairness and bitterness, believing that this is the way of the world.

We have always been told from the cradle that money is meant to be the measure of labour. However, in reality , the great majority, earning a hard life,  end up  in  poverty. So will their future generations. Praises and lies run  in the  media every day. Free people with equal rights! Impossible for the masses  to have equal rights with oligarchs or bankers!
“金钱衡量劳动力” ,我们从小就这样被灌输。现实却是,辛苦了一辈子,大多数人都在贫困中了此残生!子孙后代也会如此。媒体终日歌功颂德,谎言连篇,什么自由呀,平等呀!民众岂能与银行家、与金融寡头权利平等!

Money is invisible shackles rather than a measure of labour! We are all salves of money , having been so for thousands of years. One can not make a single step without it.

Indeed,everyone should work. Our work has to be voluntary, not for a bare survival.  It is strange that some people labour endlessly while others just sit back doing next to  nothing.

Money is just a piece of colored  paper with  numbers and symbols on it, printed to one's satisfaction,  and distributed among the slaving population as  'wages of labour'. It is just the bitter reality of this cold world!
钞票不过是带有字符的彩纸, 他人随意印刷,却作为“劳动力的工资”发给劳苦大众。人情冷漠,现实痛苦!

The whole financial world is a pyramid, with the Fed,the central banks of other countries and the local banks sitting at the top , in the middle  and at the bottom of  the pyramid  respectively.Figuratively, banks act  as blood vessels, and money as blood, which supplies nutrients  to the social organs.

Why do bankers work  less but get paid millions?  Because they can make money both from  moeny and  debt, and  create money out of thin air. Their debts are virtual and will never be settled, for  they have  numerous depositors who will never come for their money all at once, except for a financial panic.

You go to a bank for a house loan , and become a slave to the bank. Before the debt is paid off, you,even your children and grandchildren will stay slaves to the bank, or rather, to the global financial system.

Banks are loyal servants to the Fed,,and  are  always doing harm to  us, and will to our future generations. It will get even worse if nothing changes. We have no choice  but to crash the existing financial system and build a new one-- fair and honest!
银行是美联储的忠仆,一直在伤害我们,还会伤害我们的子孙。如听之任之,银行甚至会变本加厉。 我们别无选择只能彻底摧毁现存的金融体系,建立一个新金融体系--一个公平、诚信的新体系!

Financial Apocalipse!  That's the only thing that can break the financial chains, release the toiling masses from  the financial slavery over thousands of years, and save us all!

Now is the high time for freedom. With the advent of MMM,  Financial Apocalipse is inevitable. It's  just a question of time!   

The seed of freedom has been sown and taken root. And it has been thriving! Never perish!

MMM  is a Global  Mutual Aid  Fund, a Financial Social Network, made up of  hundreds and millions of voluntary  participants  worldwide,rebelling against the modern financial slavery . MMM has declared a war against the Fed and its servants and will win it! The power is awesome and invincible, growing with each passing day , and will eventually break the modern financial slavery and  defeat the Fed!

Here is MMM  for the ordinary people. Today you help and tomorrow you will be helped. MMM is somehow a huge public coffer where people can save their money for the future when needed. It's up to you to keep saving your hard-earned  money in a bank turning another slave, or join MMM helping those in need!

People do not desire for money so much as for a  better future. MMM offers you not only a sense of belonging and  partership,   but also  help and support during the difficult times , thus making you fully confident in what tomorrow will bring.

Fair and just, MMM is a new society of honesty and integrity, without  slaves or owners, or money as we know it , where  everybody will work for their own pleasure and for the society.

Good will overcome  Evil! All will come true in  the  new world!

Welcome to the System ! Together we will change the world!

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